Nice to see you here,

I'm Angeline

I’m a product designer who weaves together product strategy and excellent user experiences.

I help early stage startups, like Beam, bake user centricity and thoughtful UX into their 0 to 1 products.

Previously, I was at Stripe building products to help recurring-revenue businesses streamline their processes, and at Flexport designing internal financial tools for global trade. I’ve also worked at the intersection of AI and EdTech, as well as in service design consulting.

I am also part of the team at Bling Capital, where I provide UX expertise to portfolio founders, and focus on community engagement.

Outside of work, I enjoy mentoring budding UX designers with Springboard, speaking at conferences, and exploring my beautiful city of San Francisco.

Let's work together!

Reach out to me to chat and see case studies of my work.